LED Accent Lighting

Energy Saving GU10 Light Bulb Comparison Below is an energy saving GU10 light bulb comparison table, showing the amount of light output compared to the amount of energy used and the potential savings that could be made by changing the type of light bulb you use. As can be seen from the table below it is possible to greatly reduce your electricity costs by switching from incandescent light bulbs to more efficient energy saving types in particular the LED type which can offer an electricity cost saving of 88%. In addition to the financial benefits there are the environmental benefits of reducing green house gases. Type of lighting Power consumption in Watts Light output in Lumens Percentage power saving compared to incandescent lighting Incandescent 60 watts 800 lumens 0 Halogen 50 watts 800 lumens 17% Fluorescent 14 watts 800 lumens 76% LED 7 watts 800 lumens 88% So what does this saving equate to in monetary terms? Lets assume that electricity costs 15 cents per kW hour. For this example a house using 20 x 60 watt incandescent light bulbs for 4 hours a day. The electricity cost per year would be 365 days x 4 hours a day = 1460 hours, the amount of electricity used by the bulbs is 20 x 60 watts = 1.2kW, so the total electricity used in a year is 1.2kW x 1450 hours = 1752 Kw/hours, so the cost is 1752 x 0.15 = ?262.80 per year. Below is the total cost per year for the four types of bulb, Incandescent $262.80 Halogen $217.50 Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) $60.90 LED $30.45 So by switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs in the above example you would make a saving of ?232.35 per year. LED bulbs are more expensive to purchase than halogen, however this is quickly recouped because LED bulbs have a life of up to 50,000 hours compared to 5,000 hours for a halogen bulb, so they last 10 times longer and of course there is the huge saving in electricity costs.

LED Flexible Strip Lighting

Signage Lighting & Accent

The main difference between traditional rope lighting and led flexible strip lighting is that, while the rope has a 360-degree angle distribution of light, the strip will emit light in one direction. This makes it easy to accent in detail by focusing the light towards specific locations. This increases their versatility and usability in areas where you want to conceal the light. LED strips are the most versatile of lighing solutions for accent lighting. As it is with LED technology, the LED strip Lights have high energy saving capabilities saving up to and more than 80% of energy. They are durable, with strong bases and hard bodies protecting them from mechanical and environmental damage. This feature makes them durable in any environment. Speaking of environment they are made to be eco-friendly so no emissions are released into the air unlike fluorescents and neons. They are dimmable with controllers purchased separately to be able to create your dream environment to set the mood for any occasion.

High Bay Lighting Fixtures
Optical Light Guide Plate made of high refraction polycarbonate or P95 Acrylic specially, designed to ensure the best light utilization and uniformity.

Most enclosure of the LED fixtures acts double in the primarily aluminum cases as a heat sink to the LED diode. The structure is well designed for heat reduction. The LED Light Panel is connected with AC/DC Converter using a quick plug-in connector for easy installation.

DLC Approved High Bay Lights

150 Watt High Bay Light

DLC Approved...150 Watt High Bay Light. Puts Off 13,600 Lumens, is available in 3 different beam angles; 40, 90, 120, and has a working voltage of 85V-285V ac. This fixture contains 24 Cree LED's and usually come with a Warranty of 5 YEARS that come with its purchase, transforming lighting into a strategic platform for better facility management.

Design Lights Consortium Approved

200 Watt High Bay Light

These will replace the largest metal halide lights and produce a cleaner brighter light. Working with the engineers of design lights consortium, they will analyze the audit to be able to bring led energy incentives to your commercial establishment via sub contractor. These will replace the largest metal halide lights and produce a cleaner brighter light.


February 18, 2011 at 10:32 am
Terry Fellers North Little Rock, AR

With the Help of information this site, I added accent lighting to the inside and outside of my home." To say it looks good is an understatement. My boat is being fitted with blue Strip lighting and I cant wait to take it out this summer.

July 3, 2011 at 9:36 am
Len Kuebler North Little Rock, AR

I changed my Fluorescent Tube Lights over to LEDs in my office and have seen a huge decrease in my energy bill. Energy audit was free!

October 11, 2011 at 11:59 am
Fred Bartell Beaver Lake Storage

Even after several months of the new sign, we are still getting new customers coming in because they saw our sign. I believe double sided Qwik Sticks were used in upgrading the interior illumination. Our Occupancy Rate grew to 98% in one month's time!

January 26, 2012 at 8:47 am

Just found a company out of Holland that has nailed the traditional neon alternative..check it out LED Neon by Dekkers and let us know what you think. This innovation is awesome news as of yet the only replacement, LED Flex Tube, doesn't even come close to being able to be used in a signage (beer sign) type of application...it is too bulky!

July 27, 2012 at 9:49 pm
Kendell Williams -Turner Coleman Dairy

Look forward to getting the custom led lights that a company out of California, Deco Digital, designed for our filler. It is a Fogg which is the best but underneath is hard to see due to overhead lighting not illuminating it. Will report back the results after led light install.

What is 50,000 hours?

50,000 is sometimes confusing..led's last this long versus an incandescent bulb lasting 1500 hours...

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LED Accent Lighting


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